Michele Covell

Senior Staff Research Scientist
covell @ alum . mit . edu


I received my BS in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and my MS and PhD from MIT in signal processing. I joined SRI International, in the area of active acoustic-noise control, and then Interval Research Corporation, where my research covered a wide range of topics in audio, image, and video processing. In 2000, I joined YesVideo and worked on faster-than-real-time video analysis. I moved to the Mobile Streaming Media group in HP Labs, as a key contributor in streaming-video services in 3G telephony networks. This work is listed as one of the top-40 accomplishments from HP Labs' 40-year history.

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» HP Labs Streaming Media Systems
» YesVideo
» Interval Research Corporation
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Michele Covell
Personal interests
I moved to Google, in the research group, in 2005, where I focused for several years on large-scale audio and video fingerprinting, identification, and retrieval. For this work, I received two Google EMG awards --- one for innovation and one for financial impact. The Video Content Id system that we built from this research led to Youtube's 2013 Technical Emmy. More recently, I have been working in image and video compression. In addition to the publications described below, I have more than 90 granted US patents, along with associated PCT filings.